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4 Tips to Pick the Right Therapeutic Massage Specialist in Auckland

4 Tips to Pick the Right Therapeutic Massage Specialist in Auckland
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  • 08 Feb

Getting a quick rundown on your back may sound like a simple task. Just visit the nearest centre and get it massaged. 

But how do you know whether a particular massage therapist is right for you? Each massage therapist has a unique style, technique and approach towards the treatment. 

That is why it is essential to ascertain the style, technique and pressure used during therapeutic massage in Auckland.

Therefore, to help you make an informed decision and pick the right therapist, let us go through four tips:

1. What is your purpose?

Many times, while going through a specific chronic condition, we think that a good rundown will undoubtedly help the cause. But unfortunately, such a causal approach can backfire and worsen the situation. 

That is why knowing what kind of treatment you are looking for is essential. The purpose behind going to the therapist should be crystal clear in your head. 

Whether you want to reduce body pain, relieve some work stress or treat muscle contraction and tightness, it would help if you conveyed the purpose to a therapist before booking the appointment.

A clear purpose can pave the way for a safe treatment. 

2. Do your homework right

To pick the right therapist for the job, you must first have a pool of them. That is why your next step is to gather some names. 

You can ask your friends and family for a reference. They will be able to suggest some genuine names. 

If you are going through a condition, your doctor can also help you suggest some good names. 

Doctors generally have a list of massage therapists they suggest to their patients. The good part about asking a doctor is that they will only recommend genuine and best-suited therapists for you.

3. Watch out for your personal preferences

While asking for recommendations from your doctor, you must also convey your personal preferences to them.

For example, if you are going through an ailment, you would not want to commute to a therapist 20 kilometres away. Besides, you may prefer a female therapist instead of a male. 

Once that is done, it is time to call each of them and enquire about the philosophy of care, years of practice, technique, style, training certification and speciality areas etc.

It will help you ascertain whether or not you are picking an authentic therapist according to your preferences. 

4. Ask them about the overall expenditure

Often therapy sessions can last for 30–90-minute sessions on a visit. The cost varies according to the duration. Besides that, you can also be charged additionally as taxes. 

That is why it is best to ascertain a cost estimate first. Some therapists also offer special discounted packages if you book multiple appointments. Make sure you grab them if you are looking to pay numerous visits to the clinic.

Final Thoughts

Massage therapies have customised techniques and styles according to patients. What works for one person may prove to be fatal for another. That is why, it is best to seek your doctor’s advice, if you are going through a condition.

So, Integrate these four tips while choosing a massage therapist. 

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