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Sports Massage Therapy in Auckland

If you are looking for a Sports Massage in Auckland, The Sanctuary on Richmond can provide you with the right type of service. A Sports Massage is usually used prior to, throughout, as well as following athletic situations. The objective of this type of massage is always to prepare the sports person for optimum performance, to alleviate inflammation, to lessen muscle tissue tension, to encourage overall flexibility as well as to prevent injuries. Sports Massage incorporates more aggressive techniques that approach muscles more deeply for example trigger point work, cupping, remedial massage techniques, cross fibre work, and deep tissue may be used in conjunction with one another to produce effects for optimal function to the individual. It promotes recovery and alleviates stress and tension to the body that is caused during physical activity. It usually has a style which is quicker in flow, rhythm and movement compared to other types of massage, and breaks down tension and pain quickly and effectively.

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