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Sports Massage – What You Need to Know and Its Importance?

Sports Massage – What You Need to Know and Its Importance?
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  • 28 Oct

Sports injury is not uncommon and might leave a dire impact if left unattended. Healing and correcting the injury from its source is crucial for improving mobility, performance, functionality, and form correction. The professional sports massage in Auckland expert has helped in superior and speedy muscle recovery. Advanced and personalised massage, helps with enhancing the regeneration of muscle fibre and eliminates the injury from the source.

What exactly is sports massage? 

Massage therapy helps relax muscles, reduces pain, and helps in improving motion. However, sports massage is more systematic and involves targeting specific muscles to improve their strength and functionality. A trained massage therapist creates a recovery plan after analysing areas of tension and addressing the issues even before the occurrence of injury.

Do sports massage work and its benefits? 

The specialised form of therapy or massage helps athletes and sportspersons achieve optimal performance. It relaxes tired muscles, eases muscle tension, works on mobility, enhances flexibility and as a result prevents injuries.

  • It increases the range of motion and flexibility which improves performance.
  • Massage and gentle strokes, it decrease overall muscle tension.
  • Spasms are common in sportspersons. Massage helps in decreasing muscle spasms.
  • It helps in enhancing muscle function and fosters overall regeneration.
  • As the massage is targeted, it maximises healing and speedy recovery.
  • The process strengthens the muscle and helps in enhancing sports functionality.

The professional and experienced sports massage experts personalise the sessions depending on the injury type. Experts dig into the exact cause of the pain and eliminate it from it roots.

Understanding the Science Behind Sports Massage 

Often sports massage helps with holistic healing and aids in quicker recovery. Although the healing process might be a little longer, it helps with eliminating the root cause. The science behind massage therapy and injury recovery is quite interesting.

Improves mechanical strength

Advanced and skilled techniques used in sports massage; it help with the manipulation and movement of the soft tissues. It is highly effective in easing muscle tension and aiding to the flexibility of the muscle by releasing the clogs and adhesions. As the mobility is increased, overtime it helps with better mobility.

Relax the nervous system

The scientific impact of massage is not only limited to flexibility and improved mechanical strength. Professionals massage specific points that helps with the stimulation of sensory receptors. With the release of natural painkillers, it eases the pain and calms the stress in the areas.

Eliminates toxins from system

Another important benefit of massage is its ability towards lymphatic drainage. Sports injury often leads to accumulation of toxins and fluid in the body due to limited mobility causing swelling. Over time, toxins build up around joints that cause pain. It helps in preventing edema, and swelling as well as takes care of muscle soreness.  Sports massage helps with the stimulation of lymphatic flow that removes waste and toxins from body. This significantly reduces inflammation within the injured tissues.

Better circulation of blood

As the massage relaxes the muscles, it helps with dilation blood vessels. As the vessels are dilated, it helps with improving the blood flow to the injured area. The stimulated blood circulation delivers nutrients and oxygens that helps with healing and faster recovery. Also, it relaxes the brain and positively impacts injured person pyschologically.

Things You Need to Know about Sports Massage 

While it is clear that sports massage helps with muscle recovery, strengthening and mobility in sportspersons, there are a few things that one needs to know. Massage is not for everyone as it focuses on improving biomechanical needs.

Focuses on healing and recovery 

Often people confuse sports massage with a spa massage, but it is different. While spa massages like deep tissue or hot oil massage focus on releasing pain and relaxing muscles, sports massage is targeted towards healing. It loosens muscles and connecting tissues which helps the body to recover quickly from injury. It increases blood circulation to muscle groups.

Improve flexibility

The techniques involved in sports massage help in breaking down scar tissues. Athletes, sportspersons and individuals who undergo intense training often develop scar tissues due to their constant breaking down and repair. With this, it increases muscle function and enhances flexibility.

Takes care of hormonal change

This is one of most of the most underrated benefits of sports massage therapy as it helps in taking care of the body’s hormonal change. Women athletes suffer hormonal imbalances due to stress. Massage therapy helps in dealing with bodily change, relaxes the mind, and stimulates the body which balances the release of good hormones. Also, it helps with better sleep and improves mood.

Looking for the right massage professional – Here are few ways to find one

It is crucial to find the right professional for effective and faster recovery. If you are battling with sports injury, here’s how to get in touch with skilled experts.

  • Always asks for referrals and recommendations to find out trusted and reliable professionals. It is best to reach out to sports massage therapists who have worked closely with athletes and sportsperson.
  • Licensce and certification is critical aspect to look for while visiting a therapist. Look for credentials and specialisations which is a good indicator of their skill and knowledge.
  • Online reviews is another way to check for the credibility of the therapist or the clinic. If you do not have referrals or recommendation, go through online testimonials before making up your mind.
  • Always reach out to someone with expertise in sports massage, injury recovery, and specific skillset. The techniques needed for healing sports injury are different as compared to the regular massage. Hence, visit professionals with thorougly knowledge about sports massage and injury recovery.
  • Do not finalise until you have visited the clinic, figured out the equipments and amenities available in the clinic. The therapy is a mix of massage along with use of assisted equipments to speed up the overall healing process.

If you are an athlete or sportsperson, it is highly recommended to book a certified and trained sports massage expert. This improves enhancing performance and overall functionality. Get in touch with professional clinic to get tailored treatments that meets your need and help with faster healing and recovery.


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